About Armario de Maru

Hello there! My name is Maru and I am the owner of Armario de Maru. I am very excited to share with you some short lines of what this brand came to be.

I was raised in Panama, a very small Latin country in the middle of America. There is a large heritage from various cultures over the world combined with local indigenous values to create such unique diversity.

There is also a national gown called the “Pollera,” an exuberant dress made of many layers of colors that are all handmade, and this gown is complemented with a special head piece called “Tembleque.”  Before there were pearls and diamonds, jewelries were made of fish scale due to the lack of other materials. This is where Armario De Maru comes in to revolutionize what was used 200 years ago and created modern pieces for today’s fashion.

Jewelry made of fish scale is a type of local folk craft that was being forgotten, but about 10 years ago, I learned the basic technique and progressively advanced my skills to apply it on everyday lifestyle accessories for her and for him. Armario de Maru has embarked an amazing journey for my family and I, from starting a business to venturing out on a global scale, all based on one natural material. 

When you purchase one of our jewelry items, 90% of the piece is handmade by humble artisans that work together along with me to recover the beauty of fish scale crafting. Essentially, this item reflects back to the prosperity of the owner as the material comes from authentic fish scales that represent great fortune.

Become unique, choose Armario De Maru, and join the journey!

Armario de Maru - Pollera

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